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 Adele first graduated from Stourbridge1984, B.A (hons) Glass/Ceramics Design. In 2016 at Bath Spa University, she completed an M.A Ceramics /Design: researching ways to combine her expressionistic glass with other mediums, namely ceramics.


As a practising artist she has also been developing skills in architectural, decorative and applied arts; time spent in Denmark also informed her elementary style when re-establishing a studio in the U.K.

Current work includes a series of six wall montages inspired by landscape; the interaction of natural light and form, surface texture and colour fields. They are assembled with various cast/fused, painterly components using float glass with enamel and lustres. The layers are distance-spaced to allow greater refraction, creating variable patterning on the adjacent surface of the inert cast porcelain structure or wall beneath, the light, shadow and space between each form being the glue that visually holds the image together.


The focus is environment, both in how the glass enriches its immediate setting and reflects the ephemeral qualities observed within the natural landscape.


The ambition for the work is for it to be realised in the context of larger architectural structures, successive work has also acquiesced water as part of this elemental play with environment. 

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