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Glass & 3D Design BA Stourbridge 1984 - Ceramics MA Bath Spa 2016


Post Stourbridge I  Exhibited my B.A glass water features and sculpture at Liverpool garden festival & Hannah Peschar sculpture garden. With no means I thereafter worked freelancing n TV/Film props industry, in ornamental plaster and qualified as a decorator and decorative painter as a sole trader completing commissions such as for the Queens Architect, and in interior design and restoration.


After travel, and during time raising our young family in Denmark for eight years,I had a chance meeting with Pia Kaerskov of Pi@glass studio Denmark,  who encouraged and rekindled my interest in glass. and art, but on my return to the U.K my time was still very much about  supporting my Husband Kim in his construction business and the needs of our family, but I also replenished and added to my creative skill base with short courses at the Bath city college.


Finally I was able pursue an M.A 2016 I saw this as an opportunity to create a studio in Keynsham (nr Bath) here I combined my previous skills and experience, to create the painterly and textural appearance that characterises the style and organic forms of my current practice in glass. 

 I have now revised my initial interest in garden features, and Sculpture, pursued private commission, competition and exhibited regularly in sculpture gardens with hope of acquiescing a larger scale architectural project; especially once I had renowned glass facilitators willing to provide their support, then because of recent personal bad experience my current practice suffered its setbacks but now it has acquired a new conceptual narrative about injustice, this has in turn reinvigorated my earlier interests in history and mythology  but has also had the result of  intensifying my resolve to use my art to find my creative voice to express wrongs that I feel I need to share, in the only way I know how which is visually 

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