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:2022 onwards taking part in usual annual exhibitions now resurrected  

2020-21 no activity possible (covid) 

2019 CGS pecha kucha presentation of practice at  the international glass festival 

2018-19                                                                             In final 3 from selection for a memorial Baptismal font commision 

2018 -  

Urchfont Manor

Celebrating Art in the Garden

22nd June - 8th July


 2017 - 2023 

Bristol university botanical gardens 


Showborough Sculpture Gardens   

 29th April - June


 The Old Rectory Quenington

 Glass glamour & Fresh Air exhibition

 June - 

C.G.S exhibition

Vessel 114 Kensington Park Rd London 

 July -  Aug


2017 - Exhibiting at the International Glass Festival biennial Stourbridge 

24th private view, 25th Aug - 9th Sept

2016 September MA show design ceramics with glass  'A walk in the park "and other landscapes "Bath spa university  Sio Hill 


April - June    Showborough House Sculpture garden Twyning. 

March            University of Bristol Botanic garden


2015 -  oct   Presentation and demonstration: Cornish ceramics and glass society                           Cornwall

May               Presentation: Creative Arts Practice Bath spa University Bath.


May - June    Showborough House Sculpture garden Twyning.


April              Broomhill sculpture garden  group finalist annual exhibition plus                              blog requirements  


April               University of Bristol Botanical garden

2014 -  

October         Bath spa university intervention ('Muse' Holburne Museum Bath)

                       published in annual review 

October       Bath - Representation of Traces group exhibition of mixed  media and                            glass /ceramics

                    44AD gallery

                    A group of artists “exploring remnants, remains and memories,                                 investigating what’s left behind.”

 May          “Traces”. Mixed Media Exhibition. Corsham Court, Corsham, Wiltshire 

                   Group exhibition by artists from the artist teacher scheme sponsored by                        the National society of art education


  May                "Affordable Garden Art 2014”. Mixed Media External Exhibition                                                             Showborough House. Twyning Gloucester. 

                          Showborough House Sculpture garden Twyning. 


 April             University of Bristol Garden sculpture exhibition, Bristol.

 2013 Jan      Solstice dial private commission and private door commission                                      published in British sundial society bulletin 

 2012         mixed media sculpture exhibition Sudeley Castle  Winchcombe uk                             curated  by winds of change gallery 

 2011.       Participation in Stevens competition Macmillan university Hospital 

 2009.       participation in Stevens competition  "Mission "received a special mention                    ( as missed in final selection on account of judging disagreement )

2009              Bristol lead shot tower project city and guilds site specific 

2008- 2013   various pop up shops art trails county fair 

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